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A love affair with culture

thisHAITI began with a mission to share delicious, authentic, handcrafted Haitian food products using the finest natural and/or organic ingredients. Our products: pikliz [pick-leez], Haitian dry spice blends made with organic ingredients, and Haitian hot chocolate are great ways for you to experience a taste of Haiti.

Chokola Ayisyen: Haitian Hot Chocolate

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Haitian Dry Spice Blend

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PIKLIZ: spicy Haitian relish [in HOT or MILD]

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Experience a taste of Haiti and keep returning for more.

Welcome! My name is Blonde Beauchamp and I launched thisHAITI with a deep passion to not only share my love of my Haitian culture by handcrafting food items for you to enjoy, but also to help create experiences that will provoke you and your dinner guests to develop a mutual appreciation for Haiti and other cultures. I would love to learn about your native culture. Please engage with the content I share - what are your thoughts or questions, do you notice any similarities in our otherwise different cultures? What are some ideas you'd like to explore together? Let me know! I am so curious!

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Diri Kole: Haitian Rice + Beans